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Rattling when on D when stand still


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Hi have estima 2018 it's rattling at the bottom of the dashboard when it is d and with my foot on the brake. Put it in N it's ok any suggestions. I did post the same a while back but had no luck. Any ideas pls help.



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Hi Ash,a rattle in your 2018 Estima specifically when in D with your foot on the brake can be caused by a few things. Loose interior parts,since the rattle disappears in neutral, it likely points to a loose component in the dashboard that vibrates more when the engine is engaged in drive. This could be trim panels, loose screws, or even something in the glove compartment. Engine vibrations, though less likely, the engine vibrations might be amplified when the car is in drive and putting pressure on the transmission mounts. A worn engine mount could magnify these vibrations and cause a rattle in the dashboard.

Heat shield rattle,heat shields around the exhaust system can sometimes come loose and rattle. This would be less likely to be affected by the gear selection (D vs N) but could be worth checking.Press on different areas of the dashboard,try gently pressing on various parts of the lower dashboard while the car is in D with the brake on. If the rattle stops when you press on a specific area, it might indicate a loose panel or component.

Check for loose items,make sure there are no loose objects in the glove compartment or other compartments that could be causing the rattle. Look for any visible gaps or loose screws in the dashboard panels.

If you can't find the problem speak to a mechanic. they can pinpoint the source of the rattle more effectively. Mention the car's behavior,tell the mechanic that the rattle only occurs in Drive with the brake on and disappears in Neutral. If you've had any recent work done on the dashboard or engine, mention that to the mechanic as it might be related.Hope this helps:smile:

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Hi Bper, thank you for replying back to me. Very grateful 🙏

I have changed all mounts and check everything on the car. I have noticed the noise is coming from brake pedal area.

When it's on drive and the brake is pressed hard it makes a noise and when also when turning the streeing wheel whilst the brake is pressed. So I'm assuming something above the brake pedal. What would be your suggestion on what I have said.

Thank you 

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Hi Ash,Possible causes of noise from brake pedal area can be a few things,brake pads/rotors, pressing the brake hard creates friction, and a grinding noise could indicate worn pads or warped rotors.A failing caliper might not apply pressure evenly, causing noise.While its less likely if the noise only occurs when braking, low power steering fluid or a failing component could create noise when stressed by turning the wheel.If you are unable to check the braking system yourself then it would be better to ask a mechanic to do this for safety.Hope this helps.:smile:

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If you wiggle the steering wheel, does it affect the noise?
Just a random though as have been reading about ware in the electric power steering that is in that area.

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Hi thank you guys for your imput really appreciate it. I think I've found the fault. It was air vent which was loose by the brake pedal. Tied it with tie clips so far so good. I hope that was the issue.

Thank you Bper and Stephen.

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