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2008 Yaris SR Aerial mount change


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I am trying to change the aerial mount on my Yaris and I cannot remove the two rear quarter plastic panels behind the rear seats. The gap between the liner (when seatbelt mount bolt is removed) is not big enough to reach the aerial mount and it looks like the only way to get enough gap is to remove both plastic panels and drop the liner a bit more. 


I can get so far but it looks like there is a metal pin attached on each panel for the airbags that's not releasing the plastic panels. I tried forcing them but it's still not coming off and I don't want to damage something.


Any help please?

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It can be done without removing the plastic panels, my hands aren't the smallest by a long chalk and once I had to undo the aerial to seal a suspect water leak point. I found by gently pulling at the liner(after first removing the rear center seatbelt bolt) and using 2 microfibre cloths rolled into a ball placed either side of the aerial between the liner and the underside of the roof gave me enough room to work the adjustable spanner.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply, i got to that stage and i was scared to pull the liner down. I am guessing i will have to now, i will give it a go again in the next few weeks. 

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