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Avensis 2006 T25 2.0vvti-D4 Engine Warning Reset

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Having had the dreaded yellow engine warning light come up I had the issue diagnosed as a failure of Oxygen Sensor 'Bank1, Sensor1'.

I sourced a Denso sensor. Toyota p/n 89465-05100, Denso p/n DOX-0204.   The cable lengths and connector plugs were identical with the only difference being an extra (not required by me) rubber grommet around the cable which I used aircraft snips to cut away so it then looked like the original item.

  • The night before I had put Plus Gas releasing fluid on the offending sensor thread
  • Removed the engine dust cover to get access to the Bank1 plug where it joins the loom
  • Unplugged both upper sensors from the wiring loom
  • Undid the upper manifold heatshield (3 bolts+1 nut) and slid it off over the wire for the Bank2 sensor (left hand viewed facing the engine, drivers side in UK
  • Threaded a 7/8 A/F ring over the Bank1 sensor plug and onto the Sensor and undid it - thankfully not seized or the Plus Gas did its job nicely
  • Removed the plastic sleeve from the new one and checking there was no stray 'special grease' on the sensor head, screwed it in finger tight.  I then used a 22mm sensor socket and torque wrench to do it up to 40Nm. (Denso state 35-45Nm for the 18*1.5mm threaded versions)
  • Refitted the heat shield,  Connected both sensors back to loom and clipped securing ties in place. Refitted the engine dust cover

Started engine and test drove - all good but the yellow warning light was still up

There are 4 options to reset the yellow light;

1. Use an ODB2 device - couldn't get my hands on one that day

2. Drive quite a few miles - at today's fuel prices??? Nope.

3. Disconnect the Battery earth, press the horn to drain residual current and reconnect after 10 minutes - 3FM bands, 1 AM and 1 DAB to retune again and then re-pair my mobile.....Nope

4. Pull the ECU fuse - turn the ignition on for 10 seconds and then off, reinsert the fuse and should be ok.

Well I went for Option 4 but there are so many fuses with ECU in the description, which to pull?  The answer for this Facelifted T25 2.0vvti-D4 is fuse number 12 'EFI', a 20Amp in the fuse bank that sits parallel to the left hand front wing (near side in UK).

To save a bit of Interwebs legwork, if anyone else needs to do this then I've knocked up a cheat sheet - see attached picture.  It only applies to certain models of engine though so do check inside the lid of your own fuse box to make sure it is the same position number. If it isn't then you'll have to do some research but once located it is a damn site easier than having to setup all the radio and hands-free kit again.


Put the kettle on mother!

Reset engine mgt warning.jpg

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