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Accessory belt tensioner

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When I was conducting routine maintenance today to replace the accessory belt on my 2004 Rav4 Petrol Manual, I discovered the tensioner had developed play at the mounting of the hydraulic cylinder to the tensioner body and the pulley bearing sounded dry.
I have identified a quality OEM replacement tensioner part no INA 533002310 but on researching the replacement process, it seems that the pivot bolt removal is a "PIG" hitting the chassis and requires that the engine be moved !!

On inspection the bolt is halfway up a chassis member -  which way do I move the engine up or down ?

YouTube is full of American versions of this engine going up, on inspection my UK version looks as though it would be easier to drop from the engine mount, requiring just the removal or three engine mounting bolts and extracting the bolt via the wheel arch.

A big help would be someone who has experience of replacing this tensioner on a UK 2000- 2005 RAV4 1AZFE engine (manual).

Do I go down?
Do I need to remove any other engine mounting bolts or accessories?

The engine looks like it has to drop a way to get bolt removal clearance and I do not wish to damage anything?

Any other tips/advice for doing this job ?

Thanks for your help

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Thanks for the reply, but the 1CD-FTV diesel is a totally different engine, tensioner etc etc

I was hoping to get some tips from anyone who has replaced an accessory belt tensioner on a 2000 - 2005 UK manual RHD 1AZFE petrol engine.

Do I lower the engine or raise the engine to remove the tensioner mounting bolt ?



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Why not give Ian a ring at Roys motor company he will probably give you some help over the phone, they know all about toyotas .


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Thanks for the replys,

I spent some more time looking at the problem and I am still hoping someone will be able to confirm that the bolt can be retrieved by dropping the engine. Looking at all the posts on the internet indicates its very engine/model /country specific ie RHD, location of ABS etc.

I can find USA 2AZFE guides but no UK 1AZFE

Raising it looks like it will require moving an engine mount and a lot of the abs piping and working in a really cramped space

Thanks Grumpy for the Roys Motor Company link but I don't feel comfortable asking advice from someone on their "paid time" when I am not able to put any business in their direction.



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No problem mate, I’ve known Ian at Roy’s for over 25 years and I’m sure he would give you advice for nothing in return but know what you mean . I know you need a special tool to slacken the tensioner to be able to get belt off, as there’s no room to get anything on it, Roy’s put belt on my last Rav as I couldn’t get on the tensioner.

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Job Done

For the record if anyone with a 1AZFE 2000 -2005 UK Rav4 needs to replace their accessory belt tensioner this is how I did it

Jacked and supported the car RHS

Removed wheel on RHS and wheel arch plastic service cover

Removed accessory belt

Loosened both tensioner bolts (you need a long 14 ring spanner and extension)

Placed a further jack with block of wood under the Oil pan to support the engine and removed the three bolts connecting the engine to the engine mount

I then dropped the engine carefully as far as it would comfortably go, which was not far about 4cm and the long main tensioner mounting bolt was still adjacent the chassis.  However the tilt to the bolt seemed to give enough room to fully unscrew the bolt and easily wiggle the tensioner unit out with the bolt still loose in the tensioner. To reinstall place the bolt in the new tensioner and wiggle it into place . (it was not necessary to remove the spring cylinder from the tensioner for removal or re-installation)


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