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RAV4 2019 Closing and opening windows with keyfob in hot weather.

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The owners manual states that the dealer can set the keyfob so when keeping the finger on open, then all the windows open, and visa-versa. It states you need to ask your dealer to do this. 

Have many owners done this? My dealer told me this was only on USA RAV4’s and was not interested in looking into it for me.

Now with the hot weather we had I really missed this feature, I had it on my Landrover and found it very handy.

If it can be done and my dealer is not interested in sorting this out for me, then I will find another place to service my car that is willing to do this.

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Yes, I was done on my 2019 RAV, and yes it's very useful when the car's hot and you're walking towards it.  Also handy if you notice a window open after switching off.

I spotted it in the manual and asked my dealer to do it before delivery - fortunately my dealer is one of the most helpful I've ever encountered.  They did say they'd not heard of it before, and I was the first person to ask for it.  After reporting it here, a number of other owners said they'd got their dealer to do it too.

I gather too some have bought bluetooth dongles for the OBDII diagnostic port and done it themselves.

See also here for info that may help persuade your dealer. 

Be aware that one or two dealers have tried to charge a fee for making the change, but if done at the same time as a service it would be extra mean of them.

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