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RAV 4 2l Petrol auto what battery?

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ive been shielded since March. It’s going to end so I need to get my car started. It’s been sitting. I didnt know what to do, and am disabled and couldn’t  do much anyway. Green flag came out and pumped up the tires, alarmingly two of which were down to 10 psi. What’s that all about? Anyway, they also restarted the car with a Battery booster, and I went out and ran it for an hour the first day _ good speeds up and down local A road. Since then, just two days, I’ve been running it for around half an hour up-and-down at speed. It starts, but not as it used to. It doesn’t quite give a sort of lurching turnover, but it doesn’t seem very keen. Can I improve its charge and  response just by keeping going, and perhaps driving for longer? Or will the sitting for four months have killed what was a new Battery in February? Attached to that is the question what is an old RAV 4 battery nowadays? When I look in my manual the Battery sizes listed there don’t match the ones that are deemed suitable for my car according to people who could come and fit one, like Halfords. The batteries that are listed in my manual are available, but not from anybody who will come and fit it for me. Please can you say, out of modern batteries, (which seem to be slightly larger), what I am supposed to buy? My car is a RAV 4 automatic year 2004 on a 54 plate. It’s a 2 L petrol engine. I can’t open the bonnet myself so can’t see what’s in there at the moment. As I say, the Battery was replaced in February. The punchline to all this is that I think I have sold the car, so that I can go back on the Motability scheme. The last thing I want is them thinking something is wrong with this beautiful, truly excellent car, in very good condition, just because the Battery has become exhausted by the lockdown.

So. But with suggestions anyone? Thank you so much.



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Get the Battery size which fits the diesel version. It has bigger capacity and will give much safer performance. and reliability. I did exactly this when I had a Series 4.2 petrol RAV Auto some time ago and it worked miracles !

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If the Battery was new in February, the Battery should be fine - just, probably rather flat ... Starting it up and going a short distance may not even put back the charge you used to start it so a much longer run is in order to get the Battery fully charged again. Better still get someone with a trickle charger to put it on charge for 24 hours (if you can) and it should then be fine ... 🙂

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you normally should keep the Battery in a good state of charge. So I would recommend you look into getting a maintenance charger with desulfation+ maintenance mode if you keep your car off the road for period longer than 4 weeks.

A Battery that remains discharged for a long period (like in your case) would loose its charge capacity.

Just because a Battery is new doesn't mean it is not faulty. Since yours is about 6 months old, it must be under guaranty. I would ask the Battery shop to do a CCA test on it to check the capacity. A depleted Battery can still give you 12.5v but no oomph.

I replaced my OEM Battery (after 12years) with Yuasa (5 years ago). It has a slighty higher CCA compared to other brands listed for my car

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