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Avensis 2.2 d4d coolant pipe diagrams?

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Hello, new to the forum so thanks for reading this. 

I have a 2005 avensis 2.2 d4d t-spirit estate which I love and can say hand on heart is a wonderful car. 

I've owned it now for 4 years and this is the first problem I've had with it after 50k hard/motorway miles ( car on 150k). 

The car has sprung a leak, but trying to find the part I need is proving elusive. 

The leak eminates from under the diesel pump to the heater. I have tried to cut back the pipe and stop the leak which did improve it slightly but foolishly I swapped out the spring clip for a jubilee and I think I've overtightened it as its deformed the metal pipe it goes into. 

Hoping this would just be a bolt on part I could replace, sadly the metal pipe seems to come directly from the head itself!!! I can see two threaded holes, one above and one below it but to my knowledge its pressed into the head? 

I can think of a few hillbilly repairs I can do but would much rather swap out the part I've damaged complete but I'm trying to avoid removing cylinder heads and the like. I found a drawing on this forum showing it as "item 4, to heater " which makes sense as when the pipe is off, coolant pumps out of it. Sorry I know a picture paints a thousand words and all that but I'm in work 150 miles away!!! 

I love this car and really want to get back into it ASAP as its perfect for motorway mile munching with the cruise and punchy engine. For full disclosure the engine was swapped out many years ago as the head failed on it by the previous owner and as stated this is my first ever real problem with it. 

Thanks for reading this and any help you can offer would be great. Normally I'd pop into the dealer but with the covid situation I'm not sure that's feasible. 

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Wow thankyou so much that's fantastic!!!! 

So very kind of you to reply so swiftly. 

I'll let you know how I get on. 

Cheers again, 


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