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Oil burning problem with 1.3 engine (eg Auris) - Does it happen on 1.8 engine too?

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Hello all -  my name is Ben and I live in Buckinghamshire. For five years I have been very happily driving a 2010 Auris 1.3. It has never let me down and it's enjoyable to drive.  I generally cover approx 40 miles a day to and from work (or at least I was until March this year!) . However my Auris does have an increasingly annoying problem of burning Oil. When starting from cold, I can see the Oil coming out of the exhaust pipe as a black wet deposit. It makes things dirty in the garage. And I have to top up about a litre of Oil every week or two depending on how much I drive. I understand this is a known problem with this engine. Is it also known with Toyota's larger petrol engines, eg the 1.8?  I am about to buy a 2016 Verso 1.8 petrol and its exhaust pipe was a bit sooty, so I am wondering?  Owners' feedback would be very welcome 

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Toyota's 1.8 vvti engine could develop the Oil usage problem until mid 2005, then was reportedly cured.  The newer 1.8 valvematic engine has no such problems.  

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