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Water in Footwells

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The rain over the last few days and my foot wells on IQ are wet..it’s not the air con as I’ve used the air con for months without issue it’s def getting in when raining. Any ideas what issues could it be...noticed the windscreen wipers grommets perished But I don’t think this could lead to water getting into the cab 

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On 3/13/2020 at 5:22 PM, Busy Bee1 said:

The carpets in my footwell were wet due to the water channel at the bottom of windscreen being blocked with dirt & leaves allowing water to overflow between the panels as into the car. I unblocked the drain hole located in the plastic cover where the bonnet arm goes on the right side and the water ran out behind the wheel arch . 
this fix my fault hope it helps





If you are certain it is not the A/C unit then take a look at the advice quoted above.

There are other posts which point to a blocked pollen filter, Failed windscreen seal/ door seals/wipers seals, the last of which you also mentioned.
But, there are lots of posts concerning the A/C, which can suddenly let go, it did on my previous IQ after 5 years of use. If the carpet and sound proofing is wet you will need to strip it out anyway to dry it and it will be worth monitoring that the A/C unit is not leaking back into the car.
Best of luck.

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The drainage channel is not blocked. I’m unsure the rubber grommets split would cause a leak inside car as they don’t appear to drain inside the car. Noticed air con tube is dripping however noticed another drip at the side of pipe and now wondering if this is the culprit is the air con leaking 

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That’s not good news. 

There is an extensive series of postings on subject ‘Water in Footwell’ started by bradburyss on 19/10/2013. There are four pages of comments about the cause of the problem and some fixes. You might get lucky to be able to extend the overflow pipe and seal the bulkhead joint, but the way you describe the start of the problem might also indicate a cracked a/c unit.  There is another post somewhere, but I could not find it from someone who managed to strip out the a/c unit, which is a big task, and the overflow pipe was blocked in the unit itself. 

I had the same issue on my previous IQ and have not had the courage to turn on the a/c on my current IQ!

It might be a case of  “Aircon? who needs it?!!!”






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From the inside. I believe it is pretty much a dashboard out job.  Perhaps someone else on the Forum can elaborate and confirm?

There is a thread in the Forum with pictures on removing all the dash elements to get to the A/C unit.

The end of the overflow pipe that can be extended, referred to in the 2013 thread, can be accessed from underneath the car. 

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