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ABS warning light comes on when driving 2003 Yaris. Dot 4 brake fluid ok. Any suggestions.

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Sensors fail. Passenger side front fails first (water and grit in gutter)

Test resistance . should be around 1.5Kohm. Zero or infinity suggests failed sensor/broken wiring.

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Taking out the ABS sensors can be problematic (sheared off small diameter bolts) so suggestions about doing resistance checks makes sense. However all my ABS were choked up with rust flakes and cleaning them felt a useful task but the one that was not working had failed (rear drivers side) so I replaced the hub and ABS sensor as a unit at about £40 for the parts. The most intellegent approach is to use a code reader otherwise it is hit and miss trying to guess which wheel and you can spend a lot of time and money just changing parts in hope.

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