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Front Wiper - how to get it off?

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Noticed the other day that the front wiper wasn't wiping properly, so whist giving the car a wash, I inspected the rubber.  Sure enough a small portion was split.

I happen to have some new blade rubbers and by offering it up, I saw it was a tad too long, so all it would need would to trim it off.

Then I hit snags.

How do you get the blade holder off?  How do you get the whole wiper assembly off?  There didn't seem to me to be any way of doing it.

I struggled to take the old rubber and the stainless strips out, and struggled even more to get the new rubber with the strips back in.  I had to lean over the bonnet to do it.

Managed it ok in the end, but the rubber is a cheapie off eBay and no doubt not correct and probably noisy etc.  The car is due a service and MOT soon, so I'm going to ask them to check it out and if required, fit a genuine Toyota one.

The problem still remains.  How do you remove the wiper arm?


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I was stuck myself how to remove the wipers on my Prius, a type of fixing I not seem before. After scratching my head (and getting splinters in my fingers) I thought..... “someone else will have solved this problem”, so I went on YouTube and sure enough the problem had been solved and for me to view. YT solves a lot of problems.

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Thanks!  I knew I was missing something!  (brain cells?)

I even went to go and get my stronger reading glasses to look, but I was looking underneath, and not looking for a latch on the top.  Gonna have a look later, but the job is done now anyway ....... albeit with difficulties.  🙂

Best wishes, Mick.


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It works!

Just been out and flipped the latch.  Needed a flat screwdriver as my fingernails couldn't do it.  Off and on easily.

Thanks muchly, Mick.

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