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Head unit wire coloring

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Does anyone know about the color wiring in the head unit of the Corolla Hybrid? I'm interested in Speakers to be specific, and the ground, and the power wire to connect to a subwoofer.


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The power for a subwoofer needs to come from the Battery as it 10-20amp - ground anywhere on the body you will also need a REM connection

The plugs are a standard pinout from (1987 ?) 2000 onwards colour my vary (10+6 connectors)


I suggest you get a SOT adapter rather than cutting into the cars wiring and invalidating your warranty (Connects2 CT10TY01) this also gives you the standard ISO colours


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I have done endless research with corolla audio. I’ve ended up replacing Speakers and because lack of oem radios power I’m about to install amplifier. At least 2020 corolla has new Toyota connectors so Connects2CT10TY01 and similar t-harness won’t fit. I thing Match (PP-AC 38) has right harness for new corolla.  
I’m contacting my local audio store next week to verify whether it will fit or not. If it’s right one I think I’ll install focal impulse 4.320 to give some boost. 

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