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Changed Tyre, now Rav4 won’t start! Help!

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I changed my front tyre yesterday (drove over a nail) now today my Rav4 won’t start. Turn the key but no sound or movement or anything. Have checked the Battery by checking lights and clock comes on. What could this be? I’m parked slightly on a slope (nose facing downwards). Changed tyre and parked back on drive, when taking hand break off, no movement at all. 
can anyone help? Would changing the front tyre have an affect on car starting? 

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As Phil says, I'd guess that it's just a coincidence ... maybe an 'aggravated' coincidence ...

 Can you clarify the sequence of steps involved? I'm assuming from what you have said that:

  1. The car lives on a slope and was parked on said slope when you noticed the flat tyre
  2. You started the car and drove a very short distance to somewhere level enough to safely change the wheel
  3. You changed the wheel
  4. You started the car and drove a very short distance back to where it is normally parked (on the slight slope)
  5. You went away ... and came back in the morning and now it won't start

If that's more or less what happened then you've probably just got unlucky - the Battery is on its way out or at least needs a good charge. You had two starts in the Battery but not a third?

And it that's not how it happened, please clarify ... 🙂

Is it the original nine year old Battery?

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Modern batteries die very quickly rather than getting progressively weaker. So if the original one - or even if renewed once and it's 4-5 years old, and does a lot of short journeys - then highly likely to be a duff Battery.

A very small chance that somehow changing the tyre has activated the immobiliser, but I'm not sure if you'd even get lights in that case.

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