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Which engine oil for Prius gen 2 ?

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Does anyone know which 5w30 engine Oil is the right one for Prius gen 2, PFE or FE?

According to my last service invoice, PFE was used, but it has ACEA C2 specification and I can't find any C2 engine Oil on EuroCarpart website. Other post like this one says 5W30 FE is the correct one so I'm very confused now.

I'm bringing my Prius to a local trusted garage for service next week and I want to make sure the correct Oil is used. If there're any recommendation of brand other than TGMO also highly appreciated. My 07 Prius has done 95K so far.

Many Thanks. 

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Most dealers will only stock a limited range of oils which are suitable for using in a range of models. Over time the specifications of oils improve, and these higher spec oils get used for servicing instead of the older specs. 

The topic you linked to dates back to 2012. You will probably find the garage which used PFE Oil for the last service, no longer uses FE Oil.

Any good quality 5W-30 engine Oil will be OK for your Prius - ideally meeting API SL, SM of SN spec. See 


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