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Transmission issue

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Hi all. My daughter's 2009 Yaris 1.3 vvti 6 speed gearbox will only go into third gear and reverse whether the engine is on or off. I have replaced the clutch unit and gearbox Oil but still the problem remains. Until this happened the gearing was good with no synchro grinding sounds. The cables are moving freely and the gear stick mechanism looks to be in good shape however not having one to compare it to cannot be sure it is faultless. So now not sure if I am looking at a gearbox or gear stick mechanism issue. Has anyone else had a similar problem and how was it solved. Please help.

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Hi Flash22. Thanks for your reply, both cables are still attached. What I have noticed is the side cable can be adjusted but cannot see a way of adjusting the ball socket cable or am I wrong. 

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Hi again. Sorted the problem shifter out. I replaced the gearbox with a 2nd hand unit and now the Yaris is going great. Also found a split vacuum pipe. My boys can now help take apart the old gearbox, replace what is worn and broken so we have a spare. A good project for lockdown.

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