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Puddle, muppet in front breaking and warning lights

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Merry Christmas folks,

I drove through a bit of water tonight, nothing serious about 8 to 12in deep, muppet in front in a 4x4 decided to break midway then start again, this caused me to slow down. Got through and had some smoke from rear, looked white and lasted about 30 seconds, as this was happening I got VSC TRC off and amber engine light come on, its a 2.2d4d 55 plate uk car, no issues driving it, no stutters etc, drove 6 miles home ok, parked up for an hour and starts fine, no smoke or issues, only drama is the warning lights are still on (Grrrrr). Is it just a simple warning light reset?

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On 12/24/2020 at 5:57 PM, flash22 said:

Reset the codes the 02 sensor may have got a cold shock from the water let her dry out overnight

Quick update, lights went off of own accord, then few days later came back on, I took to a garage and they looked on code reader, mentioned something about brake switch and checked lights where ok, couldn’t reset lights on dash but cleared codes 🤷🏻‍♂️. So today I did 70 miles for work, no issues, lights went off after 10 mins, made progress etc, coming back it seems to have gone into limp mode and wont go over 80 and takes forever to accelerate in all gears, any ideas 

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