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E120 2002 1.6vvti low oil pressure

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Hi all,

I have a 2002 1.6 vvti hatchback auto and has done approx 137k miles (model ZZE121R, engine E3Z-E62).  2 weeks ago, while driving the red Oil pressure light started to blink intermittently.  Oil/filter change was done approx 8 months ago and an advise from a local mechanic did another oil/filter chance last week.  Took it out for a test run and all seemed to be working fine but while slowing down / low revs the Oil pressure light came back on.

I'm going to do an Oil pressure test at some point this week to try and determine if it's a faulty Oil pressure switch or an issue with the engine.

When doing the Oil pressure test - what kind of readings should I be seeing for an engine that has sufficient Oil pressure?

On a separate note, the car makes a whining sound/noise when accelerating but this has been happening for quite some time (6 months plus) and don't think it's related....

Any other advise on what to do / look for next would be grateful.

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This info from a 2004 model should help.

If you cannot see any poor or broken wiring , then would just fit a new Oil pressure switch, about £10 from many places or Mr.T

An Oil pressure gauge will cost a lot more, which also needs the right thread adapter  ?  Machine Mart do such a kit for £42, though would confirm it does a Corolla before you buy.


As for the whining, so many possibilities, wheel bearings, Cv joints, gearbox, clutch / thrust bearing, Aux belt and what it drives or its idler wheels.

Drive belt or gearbox Oil changed recently ?  Could it be a leak on the  inlet or exhaust system  ?



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Hi - thank you for your advise and happy new year.  I've ordered a new switch, should be here tomorrow and will try and fit - if I recall, this is just above the Oil filter.

With regards to the noise, I have a sound clip of the engine I took last week.  I appreciate it's always difficult to diagnose but if you have time could you take a listen and give me your thoughts?




Your reply came though as a PM so posted it back here as sure others will b able to suggest what that noise is.

Think if you rev it while in the engine bay, the noise will probably be coming from the offside ?  around the Aux belt area ?   could be any one of those items, like alternator, water pump or even the a/c pulley, or the belt idler pulley bearings.

First thing to try , engine off !!  is feel for any play or excessive noise or end float in pulleys of any of those items, you will have to remove the aux belt to be able to 'feel' each pulley,  you need a right shaped spanner to get onto the belt adjuster lever , and unless quiet strong hands  you will need an extension / pipe as it needs some force to push it enough to release the belt.  Hard to describe but easy once you have done it.

Sometimes you could use  one of the car stethoscopes (£6 on ebay)   to 'listen' to the parts, but you need to be megga careful around the moving aux belt !!

As a guess from the frequency ,  will take odds on the alternator ?   😀

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