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Could do with some advice on dpf cleaning 

light comes on and off every few days even though I have run a cleaner through 

the car is an Avensis 2016 2.0 diesel 



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It may just needs a log run and the car will sort itself, 1-2hrs continued trip, if you stop don’t turn off the engine, let it idle. If you tell the mileage and how usually the car been used ( short town trips or long motorway journeys) you may get more respond from others. 

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Thanks Tony

i forgot to put information about trips 

I just have the car about a year 

mileage is 177k klm’s 

its Avensis overmount new body shape , from what I gather it’s bmw engine, 

because of covid most of the trips are short ten/fifteen mins 

normally I would be doing a lot of motorway journeys probably eighty percent of my journey’s 

thanks again 


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Well this explains the things then, if you take it for a longer drive 1hr + all may set itself.👍 Maybe not worth risking now with that lockdown rules.🚗👍

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