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Granvia 2.7l petrol parts needed

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Hi I need parts to do a head gasket replacement on our granvia but finding it awkward saucing parts needed . Such as timing kit, distributor etc. Can anyone help 

Help getting parts as head gasket blown,  I'm unable to get timing belt/chain, distributor cap, water pump and any other parts that may be required and somebody that may be able to do the repairs as it is a high top and LPG. I live in Bristol, it runs lovely apart from vapour coming out of exhaust and using alot of coolant. No water has mixed with the Oil and it doesn't overheat so could take it somewhere locally. Tia

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The Granvia and Hiace Powervan (sold in Europe up to 2012) are basically the same vehicle - you could see whether the parts for the Hiace Powervan would be suitable.

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Try using sites like megazip or toyoDIY and identify the relevant part numbers...part numbers always help in locating items.

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Chain kit (it is not cheap)

Febi - 107219

Blueprint - ADT373513

Water Pump

Toyota part number 16100-79255 made by Aisin (WPT-044V)

Dizzy cap and rotor arm

Toyota part number

Cap 19101-75010 (Blueprint ADT314242 )

Arm 19102-16010 (Blueprint ADT314317)



Please double check the part numbers, im only going off the details given here


if you keep driving it you may warp the head and/or block, once the head is off send it to a machine shop - heads and blocks are very hard to source for the 2.7 and do command big money


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