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Distributor Cap needed

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My Carina E isn't getting a spark so I'm replacing plugs, HT Leads, rotor arm and distributor cap, only problem is I cannot find a distributor cap anywhere.

Replacement part is a Blue Print ADT314243 but is no longer manufactured or available anywhere.

Don't suppose anybody has any ideas on a suitable replacement? It's a 1994 1.6 with the 4A-FE engine, I've attached a couple of photos of the old cap for reference.

Thanks in advance



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Just looking at the cross-reference - Toyota Part No. 19101-02030 or 19101-02H00

It looks like a lean burn cap


If you PM me your vin i can conform the correct one

edit. i take you have checked the coil


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Yes pretty sure it's got the lean burn engine.

 Just waiting for the new HT leads to arrive and if no joy then I'll look into checking the coil. Is it an easy job to check?

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If you have a multimeter check the resistance of the coil also make sure the coil is getting power

If not...................

Take the lead off the dizzy cap from the coil, place it near a ground - do not hold by hand, crank the car over

Another basic check is turn the car over and make sure the dizzy is turning

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