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Toyota Avensis 2009, 2.0 diesel does not start

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Hi Everyone, maybe someone came across similar problem and can help me.

My Avensis did not have any issues before. It was starting, pulling well as it should with no probs. Few days ago there was a quiet alarm going off with no reason, no hazard lights. After rainy day,  I found some water underneath pedals. The car won’t start. No ignition, no dash lights. All lights work fine. AA technician came over, checked all fuses and Battery - no issues found. I tried to replace the start button, still the same. Car was recovered to the service  - they were not able to start it?! AA came again and managed to start it by overriding the key. Turned engine off, won’t start again.  So, I called recovery to take it to Toyota dealer. They still looking into it. It has been 3 weeks - no one able to find the problem. 4 different technicians looked into it already. It cost me a fortune, the car still not fixed. Please, if anyone  has any ideas what the problem is? I would appreciate your advice. Many thanks.

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Can you tell us what the garage have done? For example have they replaced the ignition switch and all relays in the starting and fuelling circuits.

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Thanks for reply. The car is in Toyota garage. I don’t have any news from them yet. They still did not find the problem. Previous garage did not do anything apart checking fuses and Battery. I tried to replace ignition switch myself - not working. I will give an update as soon I will hear from them :(. 

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