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Buying a new 2021 diesel, should I be worried about DPF issues

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Hi hope someone can help. Im considering buying a Proace Compact van, a new one 2021 plate. However im concerned about the consequences of having DPF issues in the future. My journeys will mostly be fairly short runs in a city environment with maybe one longer run out to the motorway for about 20 miles per fortnight. I realise the newer Proace is a rebadged PSA offering, but does anyone know if their DPF's can hold up to city driving ? Will they carry out an "active regen" while at the traffic lights or in a traffic jam ? The Proace compact is the perfect sized van for me but the potential issues with the DPF due to my mostly short journeys (5-6 miles per day) is putting me off. I suppose I just want someone to tell me all will be okay due to the PSA group having decent DPF's nowdays. Also I might as well ask while im here; do the 2021 Proace vans use Eolys fluid or has this been superseded by Adblue ? Does the Adblue prevent the filter getting blocked ?  Thanks for any answers it is appreciated.

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According to Parkers, the Berlingo uses AdBlue - I would suggest the Proace City would be the same.

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