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Hi, just looking for reassurance.

I had my brake discs and pads changed two weeks ago as they were grinding and were due for a change. The garage confirmed that they were worn etc.  Since then when pulling away I have noticed the handbrake sometimes making the clunking noise and my brakes are still grinding for a few mins when stopping then it seems to clear itself. I took it into a different garage just to have it confirmed that the pads were new and they definitely had changed them. He said that the pads sometimes can get a surface rusting on them when the car is left standing and even if it’s just for a few hours due to weather conditions etc  this can happen and it’s nothing to worry about as it’s quite normal. Has anyone else experienced this after getting  new pads and disks? I have had my Toyota from new for over 4 years and never had any problems at all or experienced this before.  

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Split into new topic.

The grinding noise is probably the pads removing surface rust from the discs. For example, you can get slight surface rust after washing the car, and having it parked for a few hours.

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As addition to all above when you have new discs and pads there is a bed in process happening in the first 200 miles or so and some grinding noises and scratches marks on the discs surface are normal occurrence. Just be gentle on the brakes, slow down smoothly and everything will settle by itself. If doesn’t after 200 miles you can visit the garage that done the job to recheck if everything is ok. 👍

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