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Auris MK1 Hybrid - Hybrid Battery Cooling

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Need help - looking to properly service the cooling vents/fans for my hybrid Battery myself.

Can anyone help with a guide specific to my particular variant of car. I will spend the time to do it right.

Car is now 10 years old - and I want to give the cooling system a full service.


On a secondary note -

I would appreciate any opinions or ancillary information on this topic in general. I am mindful of the extensive knowledge & experience of other forum members - which is what keeps bringing me back to the forum. Any tidbits of gold are most welcome on this topic.


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Had genuinely tried youtube first before posting here.

The vids are generic and/or apply to other variants - not specifically to our mk1.

Hoping for some guidance on this please.



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Same or very similar to gen 3 Prius , pretty much all jobs on Prius will apply to Auris. You will need to undo bolts on rear seat brackets, unclip plastic clips on top on the Battery, it’s not difficult it watch Prius videos, get yourself plastic trim remover tools. 👍

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