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Info on 2009 Avensis Motorsport edition

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Hi all, 

I have owned my 2009 Avensis motorsport edition for a few years now. I have recently spent a bit of money on it and this has led me to finding about more about this edition. I was looking at making some modifications and went to look for the Haynes manual only to find they do not have one for this model. The engine is the 2.2 D-cat with 177 bhp, and the car itself is the t-spirit saloon with the motorsport Badge. I have researched the internet for this model and age and just can not find any information on this model at all. There is some information from 2013 onwards for the motorsport badges as that is when Toyota started to enter them in races, but nothing for this year which baffles me. I leads me to think how many was actually made in 2009, and how many exist still? If anybody out there can shed some light on this, and have any information on this as I am more intrigued now than ever due to the lack of info out there on this model. Any information would be really welcome! Many thanks in advance. Dean 

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