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Is there washer pump circuitry in the control stalk? (2001 T22 Avensis 1.8 estate)

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Is there any electrical wizardry in the stalk that might go awry and stop a windscreen washer pump. My rear washer stopped years ago and the front washer stopped the other day, I now have a new front washer pump fitted but it still isn't working, could something in the stalk have got fried when the washer pump gave out?

Thank you


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  • IgReilly changed the title to Is there washer pump circuitry in the control stalk? (2001 T22 Avensis 1.8 estate)

Having owner a Mk1, I know the system is not complicated. General electrical checked are all you need. The Haynes manual covers the car, including the electrics. You could try replacing the stalk. Any Mk1 hatch/estate will work. Also you need to check fuses and if current is reaching the connector at the pump. Make sure the connector contacts are clean. Any other information, I will supply when I have time. 

Check the replacement motor works! 

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I did test the washer pump unit, it does work.

It uses the same fuse (No.5) as the wiper motors. Wipers are working. Checked fuse, it's fine.



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I got some info on the T22 wiper setup. From experience, when I had to replace my wiper motor on my old T22, I did a test to confirm the motor had failed by swapping the connectors. That way, when I operated the front wiper and washer, the front wipers activated and the rear washer operated. I then tried the rear  wiper and front washer, but the front motor was failed. I reversed the connectors and replaced the fault motor. That was over a decade ago. 
The wire from the front switch to the front wiper motor is blue with yellow stripe. The rear is blue with red stripe. The earth is common from the switch is white with black stripe. The other wire supplying power to each motor is blue. When the ignition is on, this wire is powered and the switch completes the circuit by connecting to earth. It's just a matter of confirming the blue wire is live when the ignition is on. This same blue wiper branches from the wiper motor from a junction. I am not sure where this junction is.

Here some if I have. 

image.thumb.png.b8c0f3f21d904b39071ca68cc84c49fa.png image.thumb.png.0121547724a5b2345763f066d61f4e1f.pngimage.thumb.png.4c5966700ff1f83abad573cf8a5de9cb.png image.thumb.png.2850a945c73e3d69903787a42b6d7312.png



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On the upside, the rear washer is working again, so probably just a spade contact issue. 


I tested the old front washer, it's definitely not funcioning.

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