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I have one 2003 d4d rav4 phase II.

I have one problem with ESP system. Sometimes wen i made rigth corners the ESP ligth Turn and the car brakes to correct the false mistake.

I put new all 4 abs sensosr and the insue dont go away 🤦.

The rav4 have yaw sensor? Maybe thats the problem?

Sorry for my poor english....





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Hi Bruno

Where was your car first sold, in what country?

Most of this board are in UK, and I think the ESP is known as the VSC in the UK.

But if you are in Brazil, and your car was made for North (or South) America, then settings might be different. Like, they have a bigger car with bigger engines.

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Pois, bem-vindo...

i don't see anything about a yaw sensor in a 4.2.  I had a quick look on the web and people just discuss ABS sensors (sorry I was wrong, VSC is only for the 4.3 that I can see).  But there is the suggestion to read the ECU for error codes, have you done that?

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Have the wheel sensors read with a scan tool to see if the sensors are reading ok, the Abs ring/ magnet on one of the wheels may be going bad

Not 100% sure on the Rav4 but the ring is part of the wheel bearing

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