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Denso/Bosch injectors (Corolla E12 2003)

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Hello everyone !

2 years ago, I swapped the intake manifold and throttle body on my Corolla. I'm very happy about it, it runs perfectly fine and smooth. (see thread "Upgrading 3Zzfe To1Zzfe")

I decided to swap my injectors for celica ones (Denso ref. 23250-22040), not to gain some power, but to run on E85. However, I was so sure of myself, I didn't checked my car had Denso injectors and... it didn't... 😅

Stock I have Bosch ref. 02155936 (Toyota ref. 23209-0D020), and I wondered if the brands are interchangeable. I tried and injector plug will accept them, but will ECU ?

Thanks for your help !



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Did you run e85 ? A car of that age, the ethanol will eat the fuel system, im not even sure the system will be able to recognize the E85 as it doesn't have a flex sensor, so it can map the fuel or even calculate the ethanol content

looking at images side by side they are nothing alike


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Yes I did try to run at ~E56 for 2000km and it's more or less OK, power a little low, CEL with higher ethanol content. This car is compatible with E10 so I don't believe fuel system wouldn't resist E85. Actually, njectors excepted, parts are the same for south america market where I they can run up to E100.

Here in france we have only E10 or 98 available for something like 10 years, so the vast majority of cars run on E10. E85 is 0,70€ / E10 is 1,50€...

From searching a lot on the topic I know that with stock engine some prius owners run on E85, 100% for some of them. I read about Celica and MR2 owners too.

ECU is self learning so it should adapt according to ethanol content. I closely monitored my LTFTs when running ethanol blend, and they are very close to the theorical enrichment (LTFT +19,5% @ e56 - theorical was +18,5%)

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OK, so I checked today, and after seeing Bosch injectors I started to doubt about the ECU. Like I remembered it is indeed the Denso one, not the Bosch one, even though the injectors are from Bosch.

So I decided to try it and swapped the injectors, startup was OK ,idle OK, driving OK. Car is objectively smoother at low revs : I was able to drive in 4th or 5th uphill on light throttle, where I usually couldn't go faster in 3rd or 4th with more throttle. Maybe the fact that injectors are new, or 4-point vs 12-point ?

Did not test on E85 yet, I want to make sure everything is fine and mileage is similar. LTFT+STFT is between -5% and -30%, very often in the -20% range, so expected regarding the increased flow of the new injectors. O2 graph seems OK

For now car indicates 4,0L/100km when before it was 5,8L/100... So I'll wait that ECU adapts, and will check on a full tank to have exact mileage.

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