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2019 Keyless entry playing up

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2019 RAV4 keyless entry.

Anyone seen this before? my car locks with a touch on the door handle zone fine, but increasingly often when I go to open the door, I touch the handle and the lights flash but it refuses to unlock. I have to get the key out my pocket and blip the button instead.

After over a year of it working perfectly its quite annoying yanking the door handle and it doesn't budge. Applies to drivers and passenger door.

I think i will try testing the keyfob Battery and replacing... if no good will get it booked in for a diagnostic.

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Have you tried the spare key to see it it's any different?  A long shot though, as the lights flash I suspect it's something going on (or not!) in the car itself.  But you never know.

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You shouldn't have to 'yank' on the handle. Mine are quite sluggish sometimes and I have to leave my thumb in place on the door handle (where the lines are) for a second before I hear locks work.

If the doors unlock with the fob ok changing the batteries unlikely to resolve but always worth a go.

The problem could be loose connections to the sensor (unlikely), door controller module faulty or could even be firmware related. I am afraid it could be a trip to the dealers..

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It does seem better with a new Battery on the driveway, have not used the car much over the weekend. I will keep an eye on it next few days and report back if resolved.

Perhaps when it gets weak the car sees a signal transmission and acknowledges that but code gets a little garbled so doesn't unlock.

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