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2018 corolla le blue tooth keeps hanging up phone

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I receive a phone call via bluetooth 2018 corolla 2018, Answers the phone & disconnects after 2 minutes & then reconnects again & hangs up. Have a Samsung 11 a phone.


Help !!!


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I have no idea about the problem but some things to try might be to check the car and phone systems are all up to date. Also turn the phone off and on again. Are there any other bluetooth devices nearby (phones, earbuds etc) which could interfere with the connection? You could also try deleting your phone from the car then reinstalling it & check what other things are connected at the same time. It could be switching the connection to another device.

Could you try another phone, preferably different make / model, with your own phones bluetooth off to see if still happens, and or your phone in a different bluetooth enabled car? This would indicate if its the car or phone bluetooth system. Can you play bluetooth music on the car no problem?

I can't believe a Samsung 11 wouldn't have the correct protocols, but asa last resort it may be worth checking the manual, my 2019 corolla uk manual has a page of them. Mine works and I've the Sam S9.

Sorry I've no specific answers but found the following on the forum from 2019 here (text below)



Problem  solved (i think)

After uninstalling and reinstalling bluetooth connection on car and phone cleared the bluetooth memory as follows

In your APPS click on Settings
Select Apps
Click on 3dots at top right of screen
Click on Show system apps
Scroll down and click on bluetooth
Click on Storage

The use back key repeatedly  to get you back to you normal menu.

Seems ok after several days use


Hope it helps




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If the OP is in the US or Canada, as I suspect, they have a different multimedia system to Europe (Entune rather than Touch 2).

In the topic that is linked to above, look at Parts-King's post of 17th February and try that.

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Hi Frosty

The link goes to the phone menu of how to clear its cache & data at least for the S9 .

However for the Android 11 phones (my wife has one) I now realise it's different.

You go to System / Apps as before, then :-

At the top of the Apps list is a line "Your apps ....... "

at the right hand side of this is half a down arrow and 3 lines, click on this.

At the top is says "Show system apps, switch that on if it isn't already and click OK at the bottom.

Scroll down to bluetooth and open that, then scroll down to storage and click on that.

At the bottom of this screen it has the "Clear data" button & the "Clear cache" button referred to in the original post.

Click these then exit with the top left button with multiple clicks. As you pass through the "Apps" page you can turn off the "Show System apps" setting again.

Even if its Entune, clearing the phones bluetooth Data & Cache may help, but I agree if there's a better solution for Entune use that (if that's what the OP has).




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