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I have a 2019 Corolla Touring Sport - fantastic car apart from the road noise, which reduced a little when I put some Cinturato's on it.

I do miss the HUD from my old Prius - the new GR Sport comes with this as standard, but I can't seem to spec a new Excel version with a HUD.

Is it possible to install the HUD from the GR into my Excel Touring Sports? I reckon it'll cost an arm and a leg - just wondering if it is at all feasible or am I being an idiot again?

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When I had my gr sport a tech had an excel and he also wanted the HUD 

The box to project it plus the different Speedo was in excess of 1k 

He bough a plug and play device from Amazon and plugged it into the obd port 

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Got one of those old port HUD when the Auris we have was my main car. Worked fine, also showed engine revs and water temperature.  Worked fine, just needed to sort a cable run to make it tidy.. Still have it somewhere, must dig out the box sometime.

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