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Drivers seat head rest.


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I have a problem with the non-adjustability of the drivers seat head rest on my 2010 Rav 4. The head rest is too far forward for my seating position. To explain... I have cervical spondylosis (my spine is more or less seized solid and it affects my neck).  When I am in a comfortable seating position body-wise I find that the head rest is pushing my head too far forward to the extent that it gives me neck ache and I end up pushing my head back against the rest. 

I know the head rest is adjustable up and down but as far as I can see it is not adjustable backwards or forwards. My last vehicle was a Hyundai Tuscon which had a 3 position backwards/forwards head rest adjustment.  Has anyone had the same problem or can suggest a remedy, short of using a vice and a large hammer on the rest mounting bars.


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I think you answered this question yourself.  Get your vice and hammer out.  You may be able to put it in the vice and gently apply pressure on the headrest part and bend the metal bars !!

Worse scenario, is they could snap I suppose, so be sure to have a plan B back up.

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Unfortunately while your last car had adjustment and some do indeed let you alter the angle within a limited range, this isn’t something that is found in all or even most cars. You could also consider having a trimmer re-sculpt the headrest for you, it shouldn’t be that expensive and may give you the extra bit of comfort you are looking for.

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