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E210 Speakers upgrade

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Nobody finds the stock Speakers exactly vibrant and exciting.... The rear ones are specially bad as we can't hear them on the front seats, the sound is always in front of us. Even the JBL version isn't considered a great piece of engineering...

I've seen some people replacing the OEM Speakers for some aftermarket ones and swearing for the results. Something with good frequency response and high sensitivity will do the job, or am I wrong?

As far as I could research, the base (non-JBL) system is composed by the Head Unit, 1 small tweeter on the driver's side dashboard, 1 tweeter + 1 midrange on the opposite side of the dashboard and one 6,5" woofer on each door.

First mod I've seen was replacing the OEM dashboard tweeters with larger (3,5") 2 way Speakers (JBL club 3020) and a crossover to cut the lows on this one.

Did someone already tried something like this or is thinking of improving the sound?

I would prefer not to add subwoofers, DSP and amps.



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I've run some tests at Crutchfield simulator and watched as much youtube comparison videos I could grab,

I'm leaning to buy a set of Focal Performance Series Polyglass. Coaxial PC165 for the rear and separate components PS165V1 for the front. High sensitivity in order to be driven from the 18W Head Unit.

Vibration damping material would be applied to the doors (expensive material!)

Any love our hate on this Speakers?

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It is true that OEM Speakers are really poor. But they need to be due the lack of head units power. 

I have done some upgrades and I’m quite happy how it turned around in the end. First I damped doors. That made Oem setup sound lot better. Second try was to replace rear Speakers with high frequency (but cheap) JBL Speakers (cannot remember the model). This was mistake. There was not enough power in the head unit and upgrade made sound worse. Third phase that really made difference was to install Alpine PWD-X5 in to the trunk. Subwoofer was what it needed and it also gave enough power to make rear Speakers to play. Of course dsp made it possible to adjust the Speakers one by one how I like them. 

So I would say there is no easy (or cheap) solution. But if you are into good sound quality it’s worth it. 

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