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2017 Aygo xpress oil leak from sump gasket?


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Hi all, my girlfriend's '17 Aygo Xpress has developed an oil leak, I've had a good snout around and it appears to be leaking from where the sump joins the block as the sump is covered in oil but there is no oil above this on the block.  

Has anyone else had this? Can anyone confirm if it's a gasket or sealant on these? I've had a bit of a google but couldn't find any info.



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first step is to clean it up with a degreaser (washing up liquid and hot water if you have nothing on hand)

The exhaust looks a bit close to the sump, but that may be the angle if not she may have hit something

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Yeah that's a good idea as it will pin point where its coming from, I'll do that when she gets back this afternoon.  I've repaired a few mk1 and mk2 aygo's over the past couple of years (including replacing the exhaust), I do remember thinking that the exhaust was close to the sump but could be the design, these things are tiny! Well, certainly compared to the 2.4L engine in my Transit!   

I don't recall noticing any damage to the exhaust but I will double check.

Main thing I wanted to find out was whether its a gasket or just sealant on these before I order anything.

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1 hour ago, flash22 said:

I'm sure with the alloy sump its sealant but i will look it up

couldn't find the Aygo specific 1KR info, but found the yaris 1KR info


Ideal, thank you 🙂

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