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Hi this maybe a strange question but I can’t find info online anywhere. Can anyone tell me the height of the boot in a RAV 4 hybrid 2016 from the floor to the ceiling. I want to buy one but I have a very tall dog and need to know he can stand comfortably. I used to have a RAV4 2006 and that was plenty big enough. Many thanks in advance!

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For the next few weeks we have everything from a 4.2-4.5 in the family, the floor to roof height only differs by about 10cm from memory, I can measure them properly later in the week if you want exact numbers.

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The problem with RIDC in this case is it only states boot opening, on the side openers (4.2/4.3) the boot opening is slightly different in shape to the top openers (4.4/4.5) and the . For example I collected a 22U server rack, it made half it's journey in a 4.4 without issue, easy in and easy out, no agro. When I went to load it into the 4.2 for the last 80 miles, it wouldn't pass the boot opening, the stated dimensions were 100.82cm. Once I got it past the boot opening, it was fine, so the internal height on both is greater than 100.82cm according to the HP specs, which is significantly more than RIDC would suggest.

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