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Toyota Fixings.....


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Hi, new member here, and I'm here because we have been given a 2002 Rav4 NRG, which has been loved since new but the previous owner has gone over to 'the dark side' and bought a Ni**an Qashqai!
Any way, this is the first time I've had hands on a Toyota, mechanically, for nearly 35 years, and I have to confess the quality of fixings, screws, nuts and bolts is shocking, also there is acres of rust underneath which needs eradicating.
I want to remove the rear suspension and axle and fuel tank (the exhaust has already dissolved and fallen off) but I suspect I'm heading for a world of pain when it comes to removing bolts, BUT..... will I, do these things generally come apart easy enough, or am I looking at dozens of broken bolts?

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Old age and rust is never a good mix, If the threads are ok-ish lube them up with gt85, plus gas or duck oil a few times over 24 hours, you may have to get creative with a hack saw and a cold chisel, nut splitter or an impact wrench


A swear Jar and first aid kit is a must

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It’s a 20 year old car, it’s going to have rust if the underside hasn’t had any protection after the initial factory seal. From experience, expect to replace fixings, expect to have to use an impact gun to remove stubborn fixings, expect to snap fixings… this is what happens.

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