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MOT Advisories - Auris 2010


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Hi All,

I had my MOT done and all passed, however I got a few advisories which I would like to know how serious they are and would it be expensive to get it done as per your experience. 

Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):

  • Rear Sub-frame corroded but not seriously weakened (5.3.3 (b) (i))  (I am told by the garage that this is not possible to be fixed as its the chassis) 
  • Suspension arm corroded but not seriously weakened both front (5.3.3 (b) (i))
  • Rear Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material (1.1.11 (c))
  • rear exhaust joint corroded

Do I need to worry about these? My previous MOT had no mention of any advisories.

Thanks in advance.

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I think the mot tester most likely went little bit too far as most cars over 5 years old will have rust on all suspension parts unless they are made of aluminium., if In your case all parts including subframe are in bad state he would have failed you straight away. If you are planning to keep the car for another few years it is better to get it sorted before the next mot but if you want to get rid of it just drive until breaks up and recycle. I have no idea how much would have cost for all the advisories but you can get the car to a garage for a quote, you can also do that a month before your current mot expires and ask the garage for a quote including new mot without any advisory, if you both agreed the price you can go ahead if not they can at least tell you if the car will pass again with advisory or fail and you can get it from there. You have 11 months to think about it and drive your car.

Good luck 👍

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i wouldnt worry about them

suspension arms can easily be replaced not a big job

the rear brake pipe as long as its accessible is not a big job but i would get it done

the exhaust joint thats corroded i would wait until it leaks and  then replace it

and regarding the subframe:-  get the car in the air give the best clean you can 

and give it a paint to protect it.

your car is 11 years old so having some surface rust isnt really a surprise or an issue

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Advisories can run and run for years. These are from our old 2003 Corolla for 2019, 20 and 21. The incorrect indicators were an immediate fail but it was just the orange lacquer on the actual bulbs that was the problem. Two bulbs and it passed.

I heard it said that garages were under pressure to flag advisories rather than not, even if they are not really a problem.

The defects vary year to year...

Screenshot 2021-05-25 195937.jpg

Screenshot 2021-05-25 195957.jpg

Screenshot 2021-05-25 200017.jpg

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Thanks all for the valuable help. As you all pointed I was worried for no reason. I gave it to the garage and they cleaned and painted some iron parts and suggested its not a problem for near future.

All sorted. Thanks

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