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Rear wiper blade for Auris


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I decided to buy a new rear wiper blade for my 2016 Auris Excel hybrid hatchback. So, off I went to my local Halfords (as you do) to look at a Bosch rear wiper blade. To my surprise, none of my local Halfords stocked (or even catalogued) rear wipers (of any brand) for the Toyota Auris, so did a bit of searching online.

If you have a gen 2 [E18] Toyota Auris hatchback or estate, this is the rear wiper blade you need: Bosch H200.

It may be just 200mm long (8”), but it’s an important bit of kit. Simple push fit system, seconds to change, and looks as good as the original Toyota rear wiper, in fact I’d go as far as to say that it’s better. 

I found mine on eBay for just £4.50 + £0.99 postage. Brand new, boxed and sealed. Here’s the link:

Bosch H200 rear wiper for Toyota Auris gen 2

I noted that near identical (but slight longer rear wiper blades) from Halfords were £10-£14. So bag a genuine bargain and buy yours online. Photos below. Hope these are helpful to other Auris owners. 👍🏻




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Thank you, sir. Much appreciated!

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