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Catalytic Converter Shield


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The 1.2 mm is a bit thin, easy to cut through. Some of had strips of hardened metal welded on to the plate. Make them visible and difficult to cut through. Initially you want to deter the thief from starting - go away and do someone else. Once they started is just a case of making it as difficult as possible. The thieves are tough and seem to have a lookout armed with an heavy wrench or similar.             
Some have fitted a tilt alarm, makes a noise, maybe they will scoot off, maybe they won’t because they so quick anyway.             
The solution is in the hands of the law makers and enforcement offices. There is already a law that scrap merchants and dismantles have to keep a record of material they take. Someone is handling these cut off cats prior to be tracked abroad. Is anyone checking records are kept and accurate.

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Get some official-looking stickers saying you have a catlock too - Hopefully if they see them they won't even bother to stop and will go after the car that doesn't have them!

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Not quite what you were asking, but, "TGBNGA - BOLT B" is the part number of the Toyota-supplied anti-tamper covers for the 2 manifold/exhaust bolts.  Dealers don't seem to know much about them and they rarely get a mention. But they do exist!  I have not looked underneath a Prius 2 very much, but if a thieving scumbag normally undoes the manifold bolts in the process of stealing the cat., then these might help you.  But they may be of more use on later, newer models, where the cat. isn't quite so exposed, and the cat. isn't so easily cut off at the manifold end of the pipe.

Basically, they are hammer-on shaped heads (cones?), that prevent a regular hex socket from fitting on to the manifold bolts.  They were launched about a year ago by Toyota.  Unfortunately they are not a visible deterrent.  I don't have them, but only because I made something broadly similar before these were on sale.

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