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1zz parts on 4zz engine


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I know this topic has been up before, but I couldn't find any reasonable answers. So here I go: 

I have the 4zz, and going to install a 1zz intake, throttle body and injectors. A friend told me that my ecu need reflashing, but I read here that the ecu is self learning. Is that correct? I don't want to destroy the engine running it too rich or too lean. And is there any other good tips while at it? New OEM gaskets is also being installed.

What size are 4zz injectors vs 1zz? And my rolla has two cats, I am planning on removing the first cat (all inside, already did the second), will it make some more power? 😛

thanks in advance! 

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removing the CAT will render very little power gain,

stock injectors for the 1zz are 270cc, no idea reg 4zz. 

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