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Any help please? Losing trust. Auris gets stuck in Neutral when driving on main road. New clutch is only 3 years old with limited driving.


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Hi all,

My Toyota Auris VVTI SA Automatic (full spec here https://www.parkers.co.uk/toyota/auris/hatchback-2007/16-vvti-tr-5d-mm/specs/)  was stuck on the road recently where it was stuck in neutral for quite a while on a busy highway.

Any help what might be the issue?

- The accelerator pad has to be pressed quite a bit (more than usual) to get it to accelerate.

- The car gets stuck in neautral in busy traffic. Switching off the car for 5-10mins and then turning it back on eliminates the neutral issue as I am able to move it to "E".

- The car struggles going up hill.

- When the car stalls in neutral there is a burning smell.

The clutch was replaced with brand new only 2.5 years ago by the Toyota dealer and I have done around 10k in clock since.

I am losing trust in the car when it stalls like this and having to get towed :/

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When the car is stuck in neutral I get the 54 icon from this https://www.driven.co.nz/advice/advice/complete-guide-to-the-64-warning-lights-on-your-dashboard/

54 is Automatic gearbox problems.

When I power on the car, for a short time I get the "P/S" icon and then it disappears. Although I can't remember whether this "P/S" appeared during "normal" conditions or not.



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