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Bonnet opening randomly ? 2004 Toyota yaris

Teubes Mehnert

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Hi guys just had my bonnet opening the first click a couple times randomly, was wondering if anyone has had this before or what it could be? 


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Nope... but my first thought would be to see if the catch needs cleaning lubricating. If it is gungy/corroded/sticky then it may not be latching securely.

Also make sure any rubber bump stops (those round rubber cushions at the edges of the panel) are  not set to high and stopping the bonnet closing properly. They just turn to adjust and should just touch the bonnet to stop it vibrating and to align the edge of the bonnet to the wings.

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Make sure the cable operating the bonnet catch is free and return spring working as it should. Check the safety catch which stops the bonnet coming up when driving is sound and free. A bonnet flying up when driving is very dangerous.Speaking from experiance!

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