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Hi Guys, I hope I have managed to rejoin. Some confusion with my email, said not needed,?? Heres my problem. I am desperate to find an immaculate low mileage 5, Door T sport. Having had a 'modern' for just over a year, I am missing the easy going nature of my previous T sport, sold to my neighbour, who is reluctant to part with it. The only one advertised, Beechwood in B'ham is far from pristine. And one in wales, which for some reason hasnt  sold. I am looking in vein, and have been for some time. I also have a question, If I fit SR wheels of same age, thats if I manage to get one, will I ruin the handling/ride quality. They appear to be 6j as opposed to 5.5, also could I fit 185 tyres on SRwheels or would I need 195's like the SR. I am thinking Yokohamo Advan Fleva, or is there a better option. Your help will be appreciated. Yours Colin

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Yeah you'll have to be patient and keep looking regularly on the usual car sites and maybe facebook - They do pop up, certainly more frequently than good 5-door D4D's did back when I was looking for one of those, but sometimes there aren't any for ages, and also finding one that hasn't been 'riced' can be tricky.


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