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2008 Rav4 d4d black smoke issue


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Hi all I have a 2008 2.2 rav4 d4d 136bhp. I recently posted that I cleaned the egr and had improved the situation but not so. The car has done 110000. We bought it with 70000 on the clock and it only ever gets BP ultimate. I change the Oil every 5000 miles and filter, with Mobil one 5w30. It has a new air filter and fuel filter. It seems to run well   starts perfectly and has no running  issues and is averaging around 50mpg and uses a small amount of Oil but no water at all. I have cleaned the egr and breather holes . Ther is no smoking when driving  normally however if you accurate hard in 2nd gear a big plume of black smoke is emitted. Could this be considered normal? Its passed its mot emissions. It was not fitted with a dpf. I just don't want to chase a problem if there's no point. I would be grateful for any thoughts. 



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"a big plume of black smoke" That's a bit subjective IMHO.

My 2006 Rav4 D4D has done over 100k miles now, it has always smoked under hard acceleration in 2nd, it does not seem to have got any worse over the years.

If its running OK I would not worry too much, as you say it has passed mot emissions. I would also not pay extra for BP ultimate diesel, over a range of cars and vans we've run it has never shown to make the slightest difference over supermarket fuel, maintenance wise or economy.

Personal opinion only of course, no doubt some will disagree.

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