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Tpms repair kits

1.8 hybrid

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does anyone know where we can get a tpms repair kit

i have emailed toyota parts direct

is there anyone else i can try as

toyota will probably only want to supply a full new valve

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What do you mean TPMS repair kit?

Do you mean you need a new core and nuts for it or something?


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1 hour ago, Heidfirst said:

At 5 years possibly  battery except that they are not replaceable.

its definately not the Battery as the valve is blowing bubbles,

where it meets the rim but thanks for your help

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I won't know about the valve core - They're common enough you can probably get one from e.g. Halfords, but the Car Care Nut guy on youtube had a thing on replacing the mounting nut and washers; The part code for the one he used is 04423-0e010 but that might be US-specific.

PartsKing or DevonAygo or flash22 might be able to help with part numbers.

There also seem to be generic ones on eBay (e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154586392867 ) but they all seem to ship from abroad (Meaning they'll probably take months to arrive) and look kinda sus...

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toyota list it as a complete valve iirc there £70-120 each, aftermarket one are £35 upwards

Can't comment on quality................



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I had a similar problem on my avensis recently.  It was leaking between the valve stem and the wheel.  You can buy a replacement seal kit which includes the nut and the seals.  However (as in my case) corrosion between the nut and the valve stem usually means the valve stem breaks from the sensor and you end up having to replace the sensor

Edit: part number for the seal kit for my avensis was 04423-02010. Might be worth confirming it’s the same for your car

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Yeah it's a bit weird as the CarCare Nut guy says Toyota have been using newer-type TPMS sensors in the US since 2018/2019 which are detachable from the valve stem, so if it breaks you don't have to stump up £75 for a new sensor and can just get a kit to replace the stem, but all the UK TNGA cars are still being equipped with the old-style aluminium-shaft TPMS sensors!

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well kath took the car to kwikfit yesterday to have a standard valve fitted

bearing in mind we had a full size alloy on the car to keep us mobile

so there was NO urgency to have the valve fitted

the k@@b decided the only way to remove the tpms sensor was to smash

it out i couldnt believe it when i was told so after work i gave them a proper piece

of my mind and they offered to replace the sensor FOC so didnt work out

too bad in the end, i decided i'd program the sensor to the car myself as i didnt want

them to connect to the obd2 port and possibly mess something else up without us knowing.

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