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Dead speedo, rav4 XT3 vvt-i

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Hi there everyone, I’m new to this forum as just bought another Rav4 last Monday, 2 days ago.

I got the car On Monday, everything fine on the dash display. I was playing about outside with the car, cleaning bits, positioning stuff, placing my own stuff in the car and I stupidly had the stereo on playing while doing this!

it flattened the Battery, I did not want to take the Battery out so I charged my escort van Battery overnight to jump start the Rav4 in the morning from.

i did this, jump started it all fine, went down the hill, I live in a hilltop farm in Snowdonia, when I got to the main road and started off on my journey I noticed that the speedo was now not working!! It was fine the night before!

I have jump started many cars and nothing has ever happened to the car I done it to before, Electrically.

I assumed that this was the cause of my problem, also the ezzy diesel Battery is nearly twice the power of the rav4 Battery, anyway I looked online to see what the problem may be and straight away learned that this is quite common from jump starting To develop electric problems, not in my world normally though.

the so,union it said was to take off the negative terminal from the Battery and press the brake several times, what this done was turn off the engine management light but no speedometer working though. It’s next step if this didn’t work was to disconnect the Battery completely overnight and when reconnected the next day the ECU is supposed to have been reset.

i have never had to do this and wondering if it works on toyotas? If not what could be the next step?

also can anybody please tell me which fuse is for the speedometer in a June 2004 Rav4 XT3 vvt-i 

thank you folks.

i, sure there will be many more posts from me in the future, like what does the XT3 and the vvt-i stand for?

everything else on the dash display is working, so can’t be the dashboard fuse, does anybody know which fuse is for the speedometer as it must be separate if it is a fuse problem?

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Moved to the Rav4 club.

Not sure the XT stands for anything - possibly Xtra Traction in relation to the All Wheel Drive. The 3 is indicative of which trim level it is - eg in ascending order, XT-3, XT-4, XT-5. The XT-R was a limited edition that offered some of the equipment from the higher trim levels, but at a lower price.

VVT-i - Variable Valve Timing-Injection.

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If you have a fuse tester or multimeter, why not test all the fuses?  You may have blown more than one.

Of course, the jump start may be coincidence.  There is a set of connectors behind the trim at the front of the driver's door which are notorious for water ingress - I think the speedo is relevant.

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