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T27 cloth to leather interior


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Hi guys, 

have a avensis from dec 2015.

I have a cloth interior without seat memory and manual adjustment.
I have found a leather set that is electrically adjustable and has seat memory. Can this be converted? And do I have to re-learn the system to do this? If so, how do I do that?
The Toyota dealer says that it is not possible because you need the complete module including the whole cable tree and computers. But that seems odd to me?


also, anyone any idea how to automatically fold the outside mirrors when locking the car?

and how to set up the take me home lights when locking or opening car?

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It would not surprise me if there is a separate control module for the seats, but I do not know for sure.

I suspect the folding wing mirrors have motors in them, so you will need mirrors with motors or you may be able to fit motors if you can buy them separately. You will of course also require the appropriate wiring if it is not already present (to detect the ignition being switched off and to power the motors).

To activate the follow-me-home headlights, pull the lighting stalk towards you after switching the ignition off. The headlights will come on for 30s.


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Hi Cessnna thanks for that im going to give it a try on the follow me home set up. Do I do that when the stalk is set on off or auto?

I do have motors in the mirrors as I also have the button inside the car to fold or open them.

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It will work with the stalk in off or auto.

Sorry, I thought you were trying to fit power folding wing mirrors to a car that did not have them. I guess to mimic the switch you would need something that mimics the function of the switch when the ignition is switched on and off (a pulse or latched on/off). Sorry I can't help more, but if I had power folding mirrors then I too would much prefer them to retract/extend with the ignition being switched off and on, than having to use a switch.

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