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Boot flooded boot floor soaking and rear floor is wet to

James haslam

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Boot where the spare wheel is is flooded with water and all the boot floor is soaking wet and mouldy plus my rear floor is all wet and rear floor mats are wet to any help will be appreciated a lot just wondering what it could be it’s a 2011 toyota auris 

ps had my rear light seals replaced to 

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You need to re check rear light seals again and most importantly when doing that job is to clean the bodywork and light clusters to perfection before mounting them back to the car, if any dirt is left even the new seal will not stop water going into the boot. Rear vents can introduce a bit of moisture but not much of water unless you had drove through deep waters. Other place that need to look is boot door shut all around and especially top corners where two metal works are welded together, micro cracks in the sealing material causes water to dripping down towards rear lights from inside and straight into the boot and spare wheel well. 


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I had a "round block of ice" under the spare wheel for maybe 2 months during winter.

Even after fixing some water got inside, and it was impossible to evaporate once there, so things got nice and rusty.

My advice, even if you fix it, take the spare out, take rubber plugs out, drill a hole, and insert some tiny tubing into the hole to hold it open.

In that case, even if some water gets inside, it will have a way out.

You take plugs out, hole closes on itself.

My car has been dry for 2 years now.

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Just remove the rubber plugs until you find the leak source. In old prius it was from the welding under the outside strips. Check any crack on the welding points around the hood/hatch. Clean it well and spray with isopropanol before patching it with JB Weld epoxy. It is the best epoxy.

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