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T27 Touch 2 with Go no sound issue after reseting sequence on start


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Dear Toyota Users,
Maybe someone of you can help me with irritating problem which concerns multimedia device Touch2Go in Toyota Avensis T27 (2015).
So very randomly after turining on the power with ignition on button, system is reseting several times that you can see alternately toyota logo during a few seconds and next black screen a few seconds as well.
Finally after this weird sequence system starts but without any sound (even system sound like press button sound). Additionally FM, AM and DAB radio is not showing list of stations. Sound settings are disabled, no possibility to enter sound settings menu.
Besides, all other functions like navi, rear camera are working correctly.
You can see the movie with whole sequence here: https://youtu.be/WVG0NEBf1z8
At the end of the sequence the messages are accordingly: Sound is turned off (Dźwięk jest wyłączony) and Traffic notification (Powiadomienie o ruchu drogowym).

Problem usually disappears after second or third ignition on and starting sequence is normal without any reseting. Sound it ok, everything works fine. But It's going back frequently and it's quite annoying. 

Any ideas what can be the issue?

Touch 2 with go data:

Device no: 13TXDAEU-DA05
Software version system: 9501013C
Software version navi: 6.11.OWH

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Dear Toyota users,

Problem has been solved. 

In parallel I started to have problems with auto alarm and increased number of false alarms. The root cause was Battery wchich was at the end of its lifecycle.

After changing for new fresh Battery false allarms have dissapeared and by the way problem with touch2go.

So I'm happy now. In case you have similar problems, check your Battery efficiency and level of charge.


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