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1995 corrolla sportif 1.3 for sale


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For sale - 95 corrolla - runs but has knocking sound in engine. Would have loved to get it back on the road myself, but don't have the time or the knowhow. Really don't want to scrap her as great car, getting into retro/vintage territory now!

Needs someone to take a look at the engine and see what's what. Currently on a family member's drive - he thinks 'the big ends might need grinding down'. Still has fairly low miles (79,000 or so) so could be worth sprucing up. 

More interested in seeing it go to to someone who would like to keep it going rather than trying to make any money, but any donation to go towards my next vehicle would be much appreciated!

Currently no MOT and is SORN, located near Salisbury - any questions welcome, pm me if you are nearby and would like to come and look. Don't have pics right now, but will take some if anyone is interested.

Any advice on whether this is likely to be of interest to anyone and where to advertise would also be much appreciated.

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Is it 3dr or 5dr?

How much do you want for it?

PM me @ kamaal527@outlook.com with details please.

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